Deployed from California to New York

Fleets save money with safer, more reliable trucks

As of June 2024, the Orange EV fleet has surpassed 15.4 million miles and 5.4 million hours of operation.

Orange EV’s commercially deployed fleet of pure-electric terminal trucks has achieved unparalleled milestones in the industry and is working in container handling operations from California to New York, through harsh northern winters and hot southern summers.  The deployed fleet is in the field, every day, meeting the most rigorous duty cycles and 24×7 shift schedules.

Fleets have shared their success with, and preference for, Orange EV’s 100% electric terminal trucks.  The following examples are a fraction of Orange EV’s fleet deployments:

Warehouse & Distribution



Truck Leasing


Waste Management


3rd Party Logistics

LTL Freight (Cross-Docking)

Spotting Services

Rail Intermodal

Port Operations

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The Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership

Why have fleets across the U.S. switched to Orange EV pure-electric yard trucks? Find out first-hand with the Orange EV Demo Program.