Financial Incentives

Save at purchase

Incentives can pay for half (or more) of the truck solution

Since the total cost of ownership for Orange EV vehicles is typically less than today’s diesel trucks, fleets can purchase today within existing budgets. That said, a variety of incentives and funding programs are available to help pay for electric vehicles.

Federal, state, and local governments are aggressively encouraging companies to replace diesel vehicles with electric. Orange EV is the first and only commercially deployed, 100% electric Class 8 truck qualifying for, and deploying trucks under, purchase incentives programs in California, Chicago, New York, and elsewhere across the US. We understand the intricacies of state and federal regulatory programs. Contact us for help identifying and securing incentives that might be right for you.

Are you leery of the red tape involved with government incentives? Don’t be. Programs are being simplified and in a few cases, funds can be secured up front, providing a point-of-sale-discount on vehicles. Funds can be approved within days of submitting an application and can pay for more than half of the truck solution, sometimes including charging station and/or infrastructure.

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