Orange EV’s Grants Team adds value to customer experiences by identifying incentive opportunities that can help offset the total cost of yard truck purchases.

Some municipalities, states, and even the federal government, offer incentives, grants and other funding programs that can help pay for electric vehicle purchases. Orange EV and our experienced community partners know where to look and how to help you apply for funds. Ask your sales representative to introduce you to a member of our highly specialized Grants Team today.

We’re here to help!

In a few cases funds may be secured up front by providing a point-of-sale-discount on vehicles. In other instances, fleets are reimbursed for a portion of the total cost of their new, 100% pure electric Orange EV yard trucks after deployment. Some programs require that fleets “scrap” older and dirtier diesel trucks to ensure communities benefit from permanent emissions reductions. Many programs include funding to help cover the costs of charging stations and/or infrastructure.

No matter the details of the opportunity available to you, Orange EV’s Grants Team understands the intricacies of local, state, and federal incentives and grants programs. Contact us for help identifying a program that might be right for you.


  • National Opportunities
    • Advanced Transportation Funding Programs identifies federal, state, and local incentive programs that are available to assist fleet operators in the deployment of clean vehicles and equipment, and new infrastructure developments.
    • Grants.gov is the authoritative source for all available funding programs for all levels of the federal government. Fund-seekers can filter results on based on numerous criteria and use the website to apply for specific opportunities.
    • Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) Funding provides grants rebates for protects that reduce harmful emissions from diesel engines.
  • California Opportunities
    • Funding Finder Tool is designed to help fleets search for medium- and heavy-duty alternative fuel vehicle and infrastructure funding programs in California. You may filter results by ZIP code and other criteria you select.
    • California Map for Local Air District Websites from the California Environmental Protection Agency (CARB)

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