Fleets choose Orange EV

The pure electric industrial strength solution that works.

Fleet and maintenance managers, sustainability teams, and cost-minded executives choose Orange EV's pure electric truck solutions to reduce cost, improve performance and safety, and eliminate emissions.

By using Orange EV's cleaner, more efficient trucks, fleets improve relationships with customers while enhancing the lives of employees and those in the surrounding community.

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The T-Series: Proven to go the distance

Orange EV trucks work through the shift and beyond for 24x7 operations across a wide range of environments.

Successfully deployed across the U.S., demonstrating:

  • Endurance: Running up to 24+ hours on a single charge
  • Flexibility: Charged anytime, at any level, fully in as little two hours
  • Intelligence: Managed with web-based information on vehicle performance
  • The Complete Solution: Delivered with everything needed to begin operations

Terminal trucks have many names: hostler, spotter, shifter, yard horse, yard dog, tug, buggy, goat, mule, yard truck, yard tractor, terminal tractor, yard mule, yard goat, yard pony, yard spotter, shunter, yard jockey, buggy, yard buggy, hustler, shag, Ottawa tractor, yard switcher, spotting tractor, switching truck, stevedoring tractor, stevedoring truck, trailer mover, shunt truck, yard pig, yard tug…and more. They are all the same truck!

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Manage container handling operations with better trucks.

Orange EV: Better for the earth, people, and bottom line.

  • Save money: Save up to 90% on fuel. See additional savings in maintenance, regulatory compliance, downtime, and more.
  • Eliminate diesel and emissions: Orange EV's green, environmentally-friendly trucks are pure electric. No fossil fuels. No emissions.
  • Improve driver experience: Our trucks are cooler, smoother, quieter, and cleaner. The truck of choice.
  • Reduce maintenance: With no engine, transmission, or emissions control equipment, there are fewer components to inspect, maintain, and replace.


2016 "Business of the Year" award (Riverside Chamber of Commerce)
2015 “Biggest Impact” award (Kansas City Business Journal - annual Impact Awards)
2015 “Community Development” award (City of Riverside, Missouri)
2014 "Agents of Change" award (Kansas City Regional Clean Cities Coalition)

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