Fleets choose Orange EV

Better for the earth, people, and the bottom line

Fleets are on record: Orange EV trucks are higher quality, more reliable, and save money. Fleets choose Orange EV to do away with costly and problematic diesel emissions controls, increase safety, improve the driver experience, and to:

  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Save up to 90% net on fuel
  • Save $30k-$60k+/truck annually on fuel, maintenance, and emissions control
  • Save more when adding health, safety, and operational benefits
  • Eliminate diesel-related costs and emissions completely

The proven electric vehicle
for industrial sites

Commercially deployed,

supporting 24×7 operations

Meeting the most rigorous duty cycles coast to coast,
working through harsh northern winters and hot desert summers

Built to meet your needs

The smart choice for container handling

Orange EV’s Class 8 Heavy Duty terminal trucks have been commercially deployed for years, operating daily in railroad inter-modal, LTL freight, manufacturing, distribution centers, port operations, waste management, trans loading, cross docking, warehouse, yard management, third party logistics (3PL), and other container handling operations.

We design each truck to meet site-specific requirements while managing cost.  A range of configurations is available including new and re-manufactured, standard duty and extended duty, 4×2 and 6×2, off-road and on-road, standard to fast charging, and more.


Leading and making a difference in our communities

2019 “Business Excellence” award (Platte County Economic Development Council)

2016 “Business of the Year” award (Riverside Chamber of Commerce)

2015 “Biggest Impact” award (Kansas City Business Journal – annual Impact Awards)

2015 “Community Development” award (City of Riverside, Missouri)

2014 “Agents of Change” award (Kansas City Regional Clean Cities Coalition)

No matter what you call it…

…terminal truck, yard truck, drayage truck, hostler, spotter, shifter, shuttle, yard horse, yard dog, tug, buggy, goat, mule, yard tractor, terminal tractor, yard mule, yard goat, yard pony, yard spotter, shunter, yard jockey, buggy, yard buggy, hustler, shag, Ottawa tractor, yard switcher, spotting tractor, switching truck, stevedoring tractor, utility tractor rig (utr), trailer mover, shunt truck, yard pig, yard tug…

…the T-Series delivers.

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