The WAIRE Program is complex

It can be challenging to determine if the WAIRE requirements apply to you, and if they do, how best to comply and avoid mitigation fees. Orange EV is here to help.

For more than two years, Orange EV has been helping fleets understand and comply with the complex WAIRE requirements. Our team is trained and knowledgeable about the Warehouse ISR and the needs of warehouse owners and operators in the South Coast AQMD.

Don’t incur needless fees and penalties. We can help break it down and together find the best solution for your business’s individual needs.

Deploying just one truck could earn 1,441 WAIRE points, worth the equivalent of offsetting $1,441,100 in WAIRE mitigation fees. Depending on your points obligation, it’s possible to meet your current obligation AND bank points to use over the next three compliance periods.

Operating Orange EV zero emission yard trucks in the South Coast AQMD (or anywhere!) is a win-win: Earn WAIRE points, potentially avoiding millions in mitigation fees, and save on operating costs while delivering the best possible performance at your warehouse.


Contact our expert team and download our informative WAIRE Program Resource Guide.


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