The Truck of Choice

Smoother, cooler, quieter, cleaner

Fleet operators are saving money and breathing easier driving Orange EV electric vehicles.  See what drivers and managers are saying about our trucks:

The smart choice

“The yard hostler is critical to our operations, so we naturally wanted to go with the industry leader. That’s Orange EV. They specialize in electric hostlers and it shows.”

“Since the first Orange EV trucks were placed in service we have been very happy with the performance, reliability, ROI, and environmental impact they are making. It made it an easy decision to add eight more.”

“The Orange EV electric has reduced maintenance, keeps drivers happy, and we expect to see reduced costs. To other fleets considering electric, I’d say don’t be afraid to dive in – you will be rewarded.”

“For the last 12 years or more, we’ve had two or three diesels down at any one time. We needed a solution, and until Orange EV, no one had answers.”

“…the beauty of the Orange EV terminal tractor is that it can be used to make local deliveries and pick-ups without tying up a long-distance tractor and driver.”

“…we chose to partner with Orange EV, the manufacturer with the best track record and most developed product. They aren’t a diesel company building electric yard trucks. Orange EV is an electric yard truck company building electric yard trucks. The difference is clear.”

Gets the work done

“The Orange EV truck looks the same, acts the same, and does the same job as our current hostler, but is much easier to operate and maintain, and has zero emissions.”

“The Orange EV electric is as strong as any of our diesel equipment and has surprising torque under any load, heavy or light.”

“Compared to traditional diesels, we’re saving about five minutes per load with the Orange EV electrics.”

“The technology is here, it does the job, and is ready for prime time right now.”

Committed customer service

“The support we’ve received from Orange EV is unparalleled. The sales team was thorough and responsive, explaining the technology, working to understand our operations, and ensuring the truck was spec’d properly. And since we don’t have personnel to service our hostler, we need and appreciate our local Orange EV service technician.”

“Although we had hiccups at first, the Orange EV guys got right on it and quickly rectified the situation.”

Reduced costs

“The Orange EV trucks are a solution-based purchase. They’re going to give us a return on investment.”

“We believe investments in clean technology are not only the right thing to do for the environment, but also give us, and by extension our customers, a competitive advantage.”

“…downtime is minimal, maintenance and fuel costs are reduced, and Orange EV is committed to both their customers and ongoing product development.  Orange EV provides a solution to the increased costs associated with diesel equipment.”

“The telematics also save money and time, sending automatic notifications so we can take care of small issues before they become big problems.”

Increased reliability

“The Orange EV trucks have been perfect, going above and beyond expectations. We’ve had no issues and the drivers love them.”

“Going electric means we’re also free from headaches that come with diesel emission control technology. For emissions control systems to work, diesel exhaust has to get and stay hot, which doesn’t happen with low-speed, start-stop usage like ours. As a result, systems clog up and trucks don’t work properly.”

Easy charging and operation

“The Orange EV truck is very easy to charge, and drivers plug in whenever the truck isn’t in use. With our operations, we can use it 24/7 with no problems whatsoever.”

“…compared to the steep learning curve with CNG, the electric yard horse was easy – just plug it in.”

“The charger was easy to install, and the battery has always had plenty of charge for our operations. Fleets don’t know what they’re missing – heavy duty electric is here, and it works.”

“…since we run a 24/7 operation, opportunity charging has made the transition so easy and convenient since the EVs do not require dedicated charging times.”

Increased driver satisfaction

“Happy and safe operators stick with you for the long term, and the guys just love the new Orange EV truck”

“The Orange EV has been great. We still have a diesel yard horse here but I prefer the electric, and so do other drivers.”

“…even if I didn’t have fuel and maintenance savings, I’d still go with Orange EV electric. The trucks are powerful, they’re much safer and easier to maintain, the drivers love them, and they’re better for the health and well-being of this community.”

Improved cab environment

“They can’t stop raving about it, especially the interior creature comforts given recent weather. It’s been extremely cold with highs in the single digits. The way the operators are in and out of the truck making short moves, they really appreciate heat that actually works.”

“Summer will be great since we won’t be sitting on top of the engine cooking. Plus, we operate on a dirt lot and the diesel kicks up the dust and sucks it into the cab. With the electric, there’s no dust.”

Reduced vibration, noise, and emissions

“Literally a breath of fresh air, drivers no longer have to contend with diesel fumes and soot.”

“Orange EV’s truck is more comfortable and our operators really like the quiet and smooth operation.”

“Our drivers routinely back 60-foot trailers into the plant, and the diesel trucks vibrate and rattle, shaking mirrors wildly and moving them out of alignment. It’s aggravating and unsafe.  The Orange EV truck is a drastic improvement – it’s smooth and quiet, we no longer have to shout to communicate, and no fumes exhaust into the building.”

“Management is pleased that we can provide a safer and healthier working environment – the truck has no engine and no emissions.”

“The noise reduction alone has created a much safer working environment. With no roaring engine, the drivers are more aware of their surroundings and can clearly hear radio instructions.”

Driver’s Feedback

“Loved the truck.”

“Easy to Use.”

“Demonstrated it has the endurance and power we need.”

“I believe it will be much less maintenance.”

“Super quiet and drives me crazy to get back in a regular hostler.”

“I can hear the radio!”

“Will take less of a toll on your body in the long run. Less noise, heat and shaking.”

“Instant heat – no waiting for engine warm-up.”

“Temperature was much, much cooler by at least 30 degrees.”

“Easy to plug in and unplug.”

“Very short learning curve.”

“I feel ALIVE at the end of my shift.”

“Better impact on driver health with no black smoke particles to breath.”

“Enthusiastic about driving a cooler, quieter, low-vibration, zero-emission vehicle.”

“Battery location makes for much smoother, more stable ride (especially when cornering).”

“The regenerative brakes make braking simpler. I can go hours without using the regular brakes.”

“Will do the job.”

“Really enjoyed electric deceleration.”

Why have fleets across the U.S. switched to Orange EV pure-electric yard trucks? Find out first-hand with the Orange EV Demo Program.