Re-order delivers safer, healthier environment for truck drivers providing essential services

OMSS Orange EV Pure Electric Terminal Trucks supporting Port of Oakland operations

KANSAS CITY, MO and OAKLAND, CA, July 22, 2020 – Orange EV and Oakland Maritime Support Services (OMSS) today announced the deployment of an additional Orange EV T-Series pure-electric terminal truck to its operations serving the Port of Oakland. The re-order follows a June 2018 deployment demonstrating significant cash savings and improved operational efficiency.   

OMSS yard trucks stage containers for thousands of trucks moving to and from the Port of Oakland each day. Unlike the previous diesel yard trucks, Orange EV pure electrics do not require OMSS to procure and store diesel fuel or exhaust fluid (DEF), conduct oil changes or transmission maintenance, clean diesel particulate filters (DPF), or repair emissions control systems. As a direct result, OMSS has reported increased uptime and reduced fuel and maintenance costs. Proceeds from Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) credit sales add to OMSS savings. 

“What I’m spending on electricity I’m getting back in LCFS credits,” commented Bill Aboudi, President of OMSS. “But even if I didn’t have fuel and maintenance savings, I’d still go with Orange EV electric. The trucks are powerful, they’re much safer and easier to maintain, the drivers love them, and they’re better for the health and well-being of this community.”

West Oakland is disproportionately impacted by air pollution and was selected as a first-year priority community under California’s Community Air Protection Program. Key strategies in the West Oakland Community Action Plan include replacing diesel trucks with clean engines and moving to a zero-emission port.

“As longtime advocates for clean air and the reduction of diesel pollution in West Oakland, we are encouraged to see the leadership of the local trucking industry working with electric vehicle providers like Orange EV,” said Brian Beveridge, Co-Director of the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project. “Every Orange EV vehicle that hits the streets takes a toxic diesel vehicle off the road and that moves us toward a cleaner, healthier West Oakland.”

Drivers in particular have benefited from the switch to electric trucks. “The noise reduction alone has created a much safer working environment. With no roaring engine, the drivers are more aware of their surroundings and can clearly hear radio instructions,” shared Aboudi. “We are also proud to provide a cleaner, healthier environment for truck drivers moving goods at the Port of Oakland. Truckers are essential workers providing a critical service and we salute them.”

OMSS utilized funding from the Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP) to purchase their Orange EV truck. Additionally, the project was made possible by a grant from the Reformulated Gasoline Settlement Fund. Created as a result of an antitrust class action, the purpose of the Fund is to achieve clean air and fuel efficiency benefits for California consumers.

About Oakland Maritime Support Services

Oakland Maritime Support Services (OMSS) is a truck parking and services facility for the 8,000+ trucks moving to and from the Port of Oakland on a daily basis. OMSS is modernizing, expanding, and relocating their existing facility to a 15-acre parcel at the former Oakland Army Base, further reducing the impact of truck activity in the West Oakland community. The new OMSS Center will be a one-stop service destination for trucks at the Port of Oakland, providing auto and truck fueling stations, parking, container storage, truck scales, trans-load facility, a convenience market, restaurant food court, office space, and other services. The OMSS Center will be a “green” state-of-the-art trucking services facility showcasing clean energy alternatives including a biodiesel fueling station.

About Orange EV

Kansas City based Orange EV is the leading OEM providing industrial fleets with heavy duty electric vehicle solutions that are proven to save money while being safer, more reliable, and preferred by drivers and management alike. Orange EV trucks meet the most rigorous duty cycles and 24×7 shift schedules while eliminating diesel fuel and emissions. Building both new and re-powered terminal trucks, Orange EV was the first and is still the only manufacturer offering 100% electric Class 8 vehicles that have been commercially deployed and re-ordered into container handling operations. Orange EV’s commercially deployed trucks, chosen by more than 70 fleets across 15 states and Canada, have surpassed a combined 515,000 key-on hours and 1.5 million miles of operation.