Deploy safer, healthier trucks preferred by drivers and management alike

Orange EV trucks are safer for operators, technicians, site personnel, and the surrounding community. Our technology delivers increased safety and energy efficiency. Add the comfortable, emission-free environment and it’s clear why Orange EV trucks are preferred by drivers and management alike.

A few of the many health and safety benefits of Orange EV’s pure-electric trucks:

Lower voltage

Orange EV trucks run on less than 120V DC (direct current) which is significantly lower and safer than the 350V DC to 450V DC used by other vehicle manufacturers.

Reduced noise, heat, and vibration

Orange EV’s electric power train generates much less noise, heat, and vibration to:

  • Reduce driver fatigue, safety incidents, and driver turnover
  • Reduce distractions like vibrating mirrors, and improves handling
  • Enable fleets to operate more peacefully in urban or residential environments


Orange EV’s pure electric trucks are emission-free, eliminating the hazards associated with inhaled diesel emissions, thereby safeguarding personnel. Also, with no emissions and reduced noise, Orange EV trucks can be safely used indoors.

Better truck control

All of Orange EV’s electric trucks have regenerative braking which provides finer control of acceleration and deceleration and also:

  • Enables single-foot control
  • Delivers smooth, no-shift deceleration
  • Reduces stopping distance and stopping time
  • Provides rolling resistance when neither the accelerator nor the brake pedal are engaged

Fewer spills, slips, injuries, and fines

With no diesel, motor oil, or glycol, liquid spills are rare. This eliminates common sources of slips and injuries and minimizes the costs associated with cleanup, and fines.

Effective, efficient environmental controls

Drivers enjoy heating in the winter and cooling in the summer provided by systems that deliver maximum output within seconds.

Seatbelt interlock

Orange EV’s optional ignition lock prompts drivers to engage the seatbelt.

The Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership