Pure electric = No emissions

Breathe easier and avoid fees by going “green”

Orange EV manufactures 100% electric terminal trucks. Switching to emission-free vehicles offers a range of environmental, financial, and operational benefits that are broad and compelling.

Reduce emissions

When replacing an older diesel with an Orange EV pure-electric terminal truck, the eliminated emissions are significant. Over a 15-year life, compared with a Tier 3 diesel engine operated 6,000 hours per year at 2.5 gal/hr, emissions reductions are an estimated:

  • 25 tons NOx
  • 23 tons CO
  • 1,200 kg PM
  • 2,500 tons CO2

Real-world reductions, however, may be far greater. Multiple studies have found that the performance of a diesel’s selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system is highly dependent on duty cycle. In duty cycles with significant idling, low speeds, or low loads, diesel engine temperatures do not reach levels that support sustained SCR performance. This can lead to very high emissions, well exceeding current EPA emissions standards.

Given that yard trucks typically operate under 25 mph and often 10-15 mph, diesel trucks may emit far more pollutants than currently estimated. Replacing diesels with 100% electric will eliminate yard truck emissions and improve air quality.

Mitigate the need for emissions control equipment

Pure electric trucks far exceed stringent emissions requirements. By deploying Orange EV vehicles, fleet owners mitigate the need for costly – and unreliable – Tier 4 diesel emissions control systems. Tier 4 systems weren’t designed with the low speed, start-and-stop yard environment in mind. Trucks equipped with Tier 4 emission control systems can stop without notice to “regen” (go into a high idle to raise exhaust temperatures to within correct operating range). Deploying Orange EV’s zero emission vehicles avoids Tier 4 costs and downtime.

Avoid regulatory penalties and fees

Emission-free electric vehicles eliminate many regulatory compliance headaches, reduce a company’s carbon footprint, and put an end to costly emissions-related fees and penalties

Improve relationships

By using Orange EV’s cleaner, more efficient trucks, fleets improve relationships with customers who value and choose “green” companies, enhance the lives of employees, and win support of the surrounding community.

Invest capital wisely

Fossil fuels are dirty, costly, and unsustainable. Converting to electric instead of natural gas or other fossil fuel solutions prevents fleets from stranding capital in alternate technologies that have limited useful lives. Orange EV trucks use the cleanest, most efficient, and lowest cost fuel sources.

Create a healthier environment

Permanently eliminate diesel emissions

What is the impact, in everyday terms, of switching from diesel to Orange EV? Looking at CO2 reductions alone, replacing one heavy-use diesel with an Orange EV pure electric terminal truck reduces annual emissions equivalent to:

Greenhouse gas emissions from

Carbon sequestered by

CO2 emissions from

Emissions estimates were calculated using the EPA’s Diesel Emissions Quantifier. This heavy-use example assumes a 2009 diesel operated 6,000 hrs annually at 2.5 gph. Equivalencies were calculated using the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.

Breathe easier with Orange EV

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