Improve performance and productivity

Orange EV trucks eliminate the diesel engine, transmission, and radiator along with the diesel fueling, exhaust, and emission control systems. What remains in our pure electric trucks are far fewer, largely sealed and maintenance-free elements. This means less wear and tear, reducing maintenance, repair, and downtime.

Every Orange EV truck comes equipped with web-based telematics which provide instant feedback, real-time performance statistics, and hard data to help you track savings and efficiencies. The numbers are clear. When upgrading from diesel to Orange EV’s pure-electric terminal trucks, fleets enjoy better performance and productivity with trucks that haul the same loads, all while saving money.

Improved vehicle performance

  • Torque on-demand
  • Smooth acceleration and deceleration
  • Cool and quiet
  • No engine idle, so no wasted fuel
  • Can be used indoors with zero emissions!

Increased worksite productivity

  • Less downtime for maintenance
  • Greater driver satisfaction and retention
  • Improved health and safety
  • Better performance management

Why have more than 90 fleets across the U.S. switched to Orange EV pure-electric yard trucks? Find out first-hand with the Orange EV Demo Program.

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