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DOWNTIME is costing your business time and money

Rent more reliable, safer, cleaner, and quieter pure electric yard trucks from the industry leader.

Diesel yard trucks have become increasingly complex, problematic, and costly. Orange EV trucks eliminate the diesel engine, transmission, and radiator along with the diesel fueling, exhaust, and emission control systems. What remains in our pure electric trucks are far fewer, largely sealed and maintenance-free elements. This means less wear and tear, reducing maintenance, repair, and downtime.

With more reliable trucks, Orange EV e-Triever ® customers experience nearly 99% uptime compared to diesel.

  • Zero Emissions

  • Increase efficiency and productivity

  • Proven and preferred by management and drivers alike

  • Short or long-term rental options, including seasonal needs

  • Nationwide “we come to you” service network

*Minimum 1 month rental requirement. To schedule a 1 week onsite demonstration, check out our popular demo program.

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The Orange EV rental program offers our industry leading electric yard trucks to fleets nationwide with flexible plans that are customized to your budget and requirements.

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Complete Electrification Solution for Your Fleet

Orange EV’s turnkey solution includes:

  • Built to meet your site needs

  • Charging capabilities

  • Web-based telematics provide real-time performance stats

  • Driver training

  • Support and service

Proven and Preferred by These Amazing Customers, and More

Once on site, Orange EV all electric trucks become the truck of choice over diesel.