Jim Park of HDT TruckingInfo recently wrote a test-drive review of Orange EV’s T-Series terminal truck.  It reads in part, “There’s no arguing with the utility of an electric terminal tractor. Gone are all the usual concerns about EV range. These trucks are almost exactly the same truck you are currently using except for the powertrain, so there’s little transition anxiety. They are as capable as any diesel-powered hostler, and for the environmentally conscious, they produce zero on-site emissions.”

He later adds, “Driving was virtually no different from a diesel, except that it’s much quieter. The electric motors make it really torquey, so it just gets up and goes. It will maintain a healthy 25 mph speed. Slowing with the aid of the regenerative braking was easy and smooth, and will likely save on brake wear.  Everything else felt much the same as a diesel, from brake performance to the power steering (a big deal in a terminal truck). It uses most of the same controls, so the learning curve will be nearly flat.”

Read the full article here: Quick Spin: Orange EV’s All-Electric Terminal Tractor