Purpose-Built for Warehouse & Distribution

Getting the job done with zero emissions since 2015

Safer, cooler, smoother, quieter, cleaner

Orange EV electric trucks are working in all sectors of container handling operations from California to New York, through harsh – 40F northern winters and hot +120F southern summers. The deployed fleet is in the field, every day, meeting the most rigorous duty cycles and 24×7 shift schedules.

No matter what you call it…

yard dog, yard truck, terminal truck, hostler, spotter, shunt truck, yard horse,  goat, mule …

…Orange EV pure electric trucks deliver.

e-TRIEVER® Technical Specs

  • On Road (DOT) / Off Road
  • Capacity:  81,000 lbs GCWR

  • Chassis: 4×2 or 6×2

  • WB 122” Standard – Options available

  • Speed: Under 26 MPH

  • Battery: Sized to meet your needs

  • Zero emissions (can be used indoors)

  • No diesel engine, transmission, cooling, or emission control

  • Driver-friendly with low noise and vibration

  • Smooth acceleration & deceleration

  • Torque on demand

  • All brushless induction motors

  • Regenerative braking; 50% shorter stopping distance

  • Telematics provide real time operating data

Battery & Charging Solutions

Proven to go the distance with charging solutions to meet the duty cycle!

  • Standard, Enhanced and Fast Charging

  • Batteries can charge fully in as little as 2 hours.

  • 7.5 Year Battery Warranty

  • Outstanding uptime performance

Built in USA

All Orange EV electric trucks are proudly built in Kansas City, Kansas.

In addition to manufacturing brand new electric yard trucks, we can also convert your diesel truck to pure electric.

The Orange EV Remanufacturing process (also known as a conversion or repower) starts with a donor diesel truck. Durable elements, such as the cab and frame, are re-used. These parts are sandblasted, primed, and painted before entering the production line as like-new components. Orange EV does not simply repower, but fully remanufactures to meet your needs with “new trucks you already know.”

The Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership

EV Deployment Success

Orange EV’s turnkey solution includes everything you need to begin operations: electric trucks, charging capabilities, telematics, training, manuals, customized operator settings, warranty, technical support and more.