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Loyal, Hardworking, and Delivers Every Time
Orange EV Unveils the e-TRIEVER™
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PURE Electric Yard Trucks
Game-changer for fleets
With our turnkey EV solution, fleets are making their teams safer, their companies more efficient, and our planet cleaner – all while reducing costs. As of November 2022, the deployed Orange EV fleet has surpassed 7.2 million miles and 2.1 million hours of operation.
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Zero Emissions

Zero emission vehicles offer a range of compelling environmental, financial, and operational benefits. Reduce your company’s carbon footprint and put an end to costly emissions-related fees and penalties with Orange EV!

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More Reliable

Where diesels can be down 20% of the time, the latest Orange EV trucks report just 1% downtime. With 99% uptime, Orange EV keeps your operation moving, saving time, hassle, and money.

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Cost Savings

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Customers report significant annual savings with Orange EV electric trucks. Reduce fuel, maintenance and repair expenses, and eliminate diesel-related costs.

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Proven and Preferred by These Amazing Customers, and More

Once on site, Orange EV all electric trucks become the truck of choice over diesel. Check out our case studies and hear what other fleets and drivers are saying about Orange EV on our testimonials page.

Fleets across the U.S. have switched from diesel to cleaner, smoother, safer Orange EV pure-electric yard trucks.  Experience the difference! Put the Orange EV into action at your facility with our Demo Program.


Join an Industry Leader

Interested in being part of the electric vehicle revolution? Looking for a role where you can learn, develop, and contribute every day in a huge way? Orange EV is a leader in the pure electric heavy-duty truck industry and growing rapidly.