The Dimension Fabricators pure-electric yard truck manufactured by Orange EV.
Dimension Fabricators Deploys Orange EV Electric Yard Truck Powered by Onsite Solar Array
March 22, 2018
Image from HDT Trucking Article: Can Shorter Truck Lifecycles Save Fleets Money?
HDT Trucking asks “Can Shorter Truck Lifecycles Save Fleets Money?”
May 26, 2018
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“American Trucker’s” look at electric Class 8 trucks on the horizon

Orange EV shines as the only OEM with commercially deployed class 8 trucks that are all electric.

This American Trucker article notes:

“While the all-electric Tesla Semi Truck has made the biggest splash in mainstream media over the past half year, Kenworth already has a fuel-cell-powered electric Class 8 truck on the road in California and Orange EV has a Class 8 yard truck that has been popular with some municipalities.”

Not only popular with municipalities, Orange EV’s heavy-duty battery electric terminal tractors (aka yard trucks, spotters, hostlers, etc.) have been deployed in all sectors of the container-handling market. To name a few:

Commercially deployed since 2015, Orange EV’s Class 8 yard truck fleet has achieved unparalleled milestones in the industry.  See the American Trucker slideshow for other electric trucks that may soon debut.

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