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Pure Electric Terminal Trucks

Orange EV


Orange EV promises to deliver on a pure electric, zero-emission terminal truck which is both good for the environment and an economically sound decision. Leveraging lithium-ion battery technology and starting with a client’s existing yard truck,Orange EV offers a practical solution which dramatically reduces the cost of maintenance, completely eliminates the need for diesel fuel, and completely eliminates on-site carbon emissions.

For inquiries on how to get involved, understand more about Orange EV’s pure electric terminal truck conversion solution, or to reserve your own pure electric terminal truck solution, please call us at 866-688-5223 or email us at ElectricTruck@OrangeEV.com .

Office Location: 608 NW Platte Valley Drive, Riverside, MO 64150

Truck in Motion!

Orange EV Truck Pulling 44k pounds (truck + load) during recent load test

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