As reported by Kevin Barry, Fox4 Kansas City, November 18, 2022:

RIVERSIDE, Mo. — Orange EV, which has been in Riverside, Missouri since it was founded a decade ago will soon start moving to a new, much larger location in Kansas City, Kansas.

The company makes electric yard trucks, capable of pulling up to 80,000 pounds around industrial lots, requiring a lot of torque. For roughly seven years, Orange EV has been retrofitting or replacing diesel engine trucks.

Ornage EV President and CTO Kurt Neutgens says their electric alternative is not only better for the environment and operators but also saves time and money for the companies that buy or rent them.

“This is a better product,” Neutgens said. “This is not about being green. That’s an important factor and it’s really important for us but it’s about having a better vehicle that costs much less to operate.”

Orange EV currently has fleets with more than 150 companies across 31 states with a strong demand for even more in the future. It’s why it’s moving from a 58,000 square foot location to a more than 400,000 square foot space, allowing the company to double the number of trucks they have in circulation just next year.

“This is the new economy,” Neutgens said. “If you want to have a vibrant economy going forward, you will be in electric vehicles and solar because there’s going to be so much more production there and there’s so much opportunity.”

He says the industrial companies they work with are usually focused on how much money and time the electric trucks will save but finding someone who already drives an EV as their personal car always helps.

“We know we have a purchase when they have a Tesla sitting outside,” Neutgens said.

Orange EV currently employees more than 200 people but they have more than 50 open positions right now. See its jobs listing here.

Published: November 18, 2022/Fox4 Kansas City/