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October 22, 2014
Orange EV Announces an On-Road, Zero-Emission Electric Terminal Truck
February 3, 2015
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Orange EV Buyers get Zero-Emission, Electric Terminal Trucks for the Cost of a New Diesel

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI — Orange EV announced that its T-Series remains the only terminal truck solution that qualifies for financial incentives through Drive Clean Chicago and also that incentive amounts have increased significantly. Fleet owners can buy an Orange EV T-Series electric terminal truck at prices comparable to a new diesel.

With Orange EV plug-in electric trucks, operators save more than ninety percent (90%) on fuel, maintenance and other costs while saving $150,000 on purchase of each T-Series electric terminal truck.

Operators know terminal trucks by many different names including: hostler, yard truck, mule, spotter, yard horse, yard dog, shifter, buggy and more. Although diesel trucks perform crucial services to help sustain the economy, they contribute to high levels of diesel emissions that negatively impact air quality and public health in local communities. Removing an older, heavy-use diesel terminal truck is comparable to taking almost 100 passenger vehicles off the road and eliminating 832 tons of CO2, 23 tons of NOx, and 13 tons of CO over a 10 year period.

Chicago’s Drive Clean Truck – Voucher Program offers great incentives to shift diesel fleets to zero-emission vehicles. Fleet owners apply for funds to purchase a T-Series electric truck. Because electric trucks are diesel and exhaust free, truck owners can benefit from the fuel savings, enhanced efficiencies and reduced maintenance.

The Drive Clean Chicago program is funded by resources from the federal Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) program, the purpose of which is to encourage use of clean fuels and clean vehicle technologies to reduce emissions by transportation vehicles. Through the Drive Clean Chicago program, CMAQ funds are paid directly to Orange EV to reduce customer purchase price.
Orange EV’s electric terminal truck has been tested and proven in a range of fleet operating environments including LTL freight transportation, distribution, manufacturing, and intermodal services. These customer tests showed that an electric terminal truck can reliably do the job of current diesel trucks while delivering far greater value.

Interested customers should call Orange EV at (866) 688-5223 to test drive the truck and request a customized analysis showing cost savings and emission reduction compared to their current fleet.


About Orange EV

Orange EV designs and delivers pure electric, industrial-strength vehicles that are better for the earth, people, and bottom line with solutions that meet the harsh demands of industrial applications while making economic sense. Orange EV leverages the right technology investments to flexibly and cost-effectively address different market applications customized to customer needs.

For more information about Orange EV, contact Mike Saxton, Orange EV Chief Commercial Officer at (866) 688-5223 or go online at www.OrangeEV.com.

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