ITS Technologies & Logistics Successfully Demonstrates Orange EV’s T-Series Pure Electric Terminal Truck in Intermodal Operations
August 12, 2014
Orange EV Buyers get Zero-Emission, Electric Terminal Trucks for the Cost of a New Diesel
December 1, 2014
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On a Roll: Successful Electric Truck Demonstrations in LTL Freight Distribution, Intermodal, Manufacturing

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI – October 22, 2014

Orange EV announced results from several onsite demonstrations of its T-Series electric terminal truck. Demonstrations were completed in 2014 in cooperation with some of the nation’s largest and most progressive firms in freight distribution, manufacturing and intermodal services. Each demonstration of at least 14 days was pre-defined and rigorously managed, including specific test objectives and record keeping for performance analysis.
ITS Technologies and Logistics Senior Vice President of Intermodal Operations Ron Teague reported “Orange EV’s T-Series demonstrated it has the endurance and power we need.” The T-Series continues to show it pulls the same load, saving up to 90% in fuel while eliminating diesel and emissions.
Demonstration Highlights:   Orange EV’s T-Series electric terminal truck …

  • Load carried … routinely lifted & pulled at designed 81k LB GCWR. Onsite the truck pulled up to 96k LB.
  • Endurance (single charge) … demonstrated it would work up to 24 hours on a single charge with its extended battery and up to 16 hours in the heavy-duty intermodal environment. Plugging in when the truck is on break and between shifts (aka opportunity charging) extends this endurance even further.
  • Speed … operated at site speeds from 15 to 20 miles per hour. Speed is programmable from 1 to 25 mph.
  • Reliability … demonstrated simpler maintenance & repair needs that lead to greater uptime and reduced cost.
  • Learning Curve … proved the driver learning curve would be very short in shifting to electric truck operations.
  • Enthusiasm … loved by drivers and supervisors alike. Not only did it do the job, but provided drivers a cooler, quieter, cleaner, low-vibration, no-emission vehicle that’s healthier for people and the environment.

Driver Quotes    Drivers of the T-Series provided written feedback on their experience. These quotes summarize common sentiments: “Super quiet and drives me crazy to get back in a regular hostler”; “Better impact on driver health with no black particles to breathe”; “Easy to use”; “The regenerative brakes make braking simpler. I can go hours without using the regular brakes”; “Temperature was much, much cooler by at least 30 degrees”; “I can hear the [dispatch] radio!”; “I feel alive at the end of my shift”.
Feature Benefits    Once companies drove Orange EV’s T-Series, the range of features and benefits enabled by the truck’s electric fuel, drive and control systems became easier to see and understand. These include:

  • Immediate compliance with the most stringent emission standards and requirements, enabling companies to achieve goals to reduce NOx, CO, CO2, and PM. Replacing an older diesel terminal truck in a medium duty role (e.g. 3,000 hours / year) with an Orange EV T-Series is equivalent to taking 50 passenger cars off the road.
  • No idle – air quality efforts also focus on engine idle reduction. Orange EV eliminates idling completely.
  • Eliminating diesel fueling and fluid systems – operators can remove onsite fuel tanks and reduce the risk and cost associated with managing and disposing hazardous fluids (e.g. motor oil, coolant, transmission fluid).
  • Mitigating other damaging aspects of a large diesel engine: noise, vibration and engine heat.
  • Enhanced performance management & diagnostic capabilities – electric systems lend themselves to more comprehensive monitoring and reporting for enhanced system performance and cost management. This includes simple interfaces to the operator’s existing fleet management systems.
  • Regenerative Braking – the brake system still exists but drivers almost never use it. The motor slows the truck, recapturing energy from the truck’s movement to help recharge the battery.
  • Programmable Speed – top speeds can be set to ensure safer driving and compliance with site limits.
  • Workflow Improvements – a range of enhanced operations and workflow improvement become possible due to eliminating diesel engine fueling, exhaust and other aspects of diesel truck operations. The zero-emission T-Series can be run safely inside buildings for operations, charging, maintenance or protection from the elements.

Wayne Mathisen, Chief Executive Officer shared “Once companies have drivers in the truck, they understand the cost savings, operational improvements, driver health benefits and environmental impact. Drivers love the experience. Management loves cost savings and an alternative fuel solution that makes economic sense with a total cost of ownership that pays back well within the life of the truck.


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