American Transportation Research Institute: Compendium of Idling Regulations
From the American Transportation Research Institute

Anti-idling regulations are becoming increasingly restrictive and widespread.  As states and municipalities enact codes to reduce transportation emissions, fleets must manage the impact on truck operations and driver comfort and safety.

With zero emissions, Orange EV pure-electric terminal trucks are not subject to anti-idle regulations. A few of the many advantages of Orange EV electric over diesel:

  • More comfortable:
    • “Immediate” heat when it’s cold: No need for excessive idling, waiting for the truck to warm up.
    • Cooler when it’s warm: No waste heat from diesel combustion heating up the cab.
    • Smoother and quieter ride.
    • No emissions.
  • More reliable:
    • Fewer parts than diesels and largely maintenance free.
    • No need for diesel emission control technology: For emissions control systems to work properly, diesel exhaust has to get hot and stay hot – difficult to do with anti-idle regulations, and in typical start/stop yard truck operations.
  • Safer:
    • Reduced stopping distance and stopping time.
    • Smooth, no-shift deceleration.
    • Reduced vibration, improving control (e.g., no vibrating mirrors when backing trailers).
  • Less expensive to operate:
    • Moderate use fleets reports savings of $20,000-$40,000 annually in fuel and maintenance alone; more in heavier use operations. On average, Orange EV electric trucks require < $1,000 in preventative maintenance per 3,000 hours of operation.
    • Save even more on fuel management, shrinkage, compliance, liability and work comp, health care, safety incidents, Tier 4 emission system related costs, and more.

For a list of idling regulations by state, see the Compendium of Idling Regulations from the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI).

Contact Orange EV to see how your fleet can avoid anti-idle regulations while also saving money, increasing reliability, and increasing driver comfort and safety with pure electric terminal trucks.