Orange EV Announces Initial Sales of T-Series Pure Electric Terminal Truck, an Industry-Leading First
June 2, 2015
Electric Truck Maker Orange EV Adding Jobs, Expanding to Larger Production Facilities
September 30, 2015
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Buy for Less and Operate for Less…a Better Truck with No Diesel and No Emission

KANSAS CITY, MO – July 30, 2015 – Looking for a better truck?  Fleet Managers can buy for less and operate for less the next generation of heavy duty vehicles:  Orange EV’s T-Series pure electric terminal truck.  The T-Series does the same job better and can cost half the price of a new Ottawa or Capacity diesel truck.  Operators then also save up to 90% in fuel, maintenance and more.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership – Now Being Understood by Fleet Managers

“The daily fuel and maintenance costs of diesel trucks are well known.  The true total cost however is just now being more fully understood by fleet operators.” said Mike Saxton, Orange EV’s Chief Commercial Officer.  The T-Series power train is about 90% energy efficient.  Diesel systems leak energy at around 20% efficiency.  “When customers see the savings in going electric they’re very interested.   After they drive it, they never want to use a diesel again.”  Fleet Managers appreciate the simplicity of T-Series operations and maintenance.  They now can also justify buying based on the fuller range of benefits like: healthier and more alerts drivers, simplified fuel management (i.e. storage & shrinkage, distribution, incident / hazmat management), smoother & quieter truck operations and of course…zero emission.

Orange EV T-Series Pure Electric Terminal Trucks, Deployed for Commercial Use

Customer tested and approved, the T-Series is being deployed for commercial use. Terminal trucks move containers around the terminals, or yards throughout the supply chain of virtually every industry.  Known by many names from spotter to hostler, goat, tractor, mule and more terminal trucks are used at rail yards, distribution centers, warehouses, ports, parcel service centers, logistics hubs, and manufacturing sites.  Based on their own successful trials of the T-Series, multiple firms have issued press releases testifying to how well the truck performs.  Visit Orange EV’s website for these joint press releases.

 Test Drive the Truck

Orange EV is scheduling test drives and onsite customer trials.  Contact Orange EV for more information. Email or call 866-688-5223, Ext. 702.

 About Orange EV

Orange EV manufactures pure-electric, industrial-strength vehicles that are better for the earth, people and bottom line, offering solutions that meet the harsh demands of industrial environments, while lowering total cost of ownership.  For more information about Orange EV, contact Mike Saxton, Orange EV Chief Commercial Officer at (866) 688-5223 or go online at

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