A letter to our customers regarding Orange EV’s (“OEV”) current operations and plans for the COVID-19 stay-in-place orders throughout the country.

At present, OEV is continuing servicing and production activities. We are taking appropriate precautions to minimize the potential spread of the virus (social distancing, hand sanitizing, etc.). Furthermore, all employees not required for service or production activities are working from home. We believe the precautionary steps and the non-production/service employees working from home should help minimize the spreading of the virus among OEV employees and with our suppliers and customers.

We also are considered an essential activity and are also considered to be part of our Nation’s critical infrastructure under the “Critical Infrastructures Protection Act of 2001” (42 United States Code §5195C) and “Presidential Policy Directive 21” (PPD-21). The determination of OEV being part of the critical infrastructure is due to OEV equipment being involved in the transportation and Logistic infrastructure of the U.S. As such, we will not be bound by stay-in-place orders issued by State, County or Local governments. We have provided all our employees the appropriate support letter(s) to allow for unfettered travel in areas that have issued stay-in-place orders and will allow them to continue to provide essential repair and maintenance services to all our customers.

If you have any repair, service, maintenance or other requests/questions feel free to contact your normal contact at OEV for such requests as we are continuing to operate in the same manner as we have operated prior to the current COVID-19 outbreak.

Finally, thank you for being a customer of OEV. We truly appreciate your business and will continue to strive to provide you the service and support that you have grown accustomed to even during these difficult circumstances.

Wayne Mathisen
CEO, Orange EV LLC