Seaport Truck

Seaport Truck

Coming in 2018

Container handling in seaport operations

Orange EV, an established leader in the heavy-duty EV market, was the first to commercially deploy 100% electric Class 8 vehicles into container handling operations and is the only manufacturer filling re-orders for such heavy duty electric vehicles.

Commercially deployed from California to New York, Orange EV's T-Series has met the demands of all container handling operations for which it was designed: Railroad inter-modal, LTL freight, cross-dock, break-bulk, third party logistics, yard management, manufacturing, retail distribution, waste management, warehouse, and more.

Orange EV's seaport truck will meet the unique requirements of seaport operations.

All Orange EV trucks have torque on demand, smooth acceleration & deceleration, can be used indoors (no emissions), and are driver-friendly with low noise and vibration. Orange EV’s complete solution includes everything you need to begin operations: electric trucks, charging capabilities, telematics, training, manuals, customized operator settings, warranty, technical support and more.

Contact Orange EV to learn more and plan for your seaport truck deployments.

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