The industry is now realizing what Orange EV fleets have known for years: Class 8 electric technology is proven, both economically and operationally. article: That Growing Buzz is the Charge of Electric Trucking

The article “That Growing Buzz is the Charge of Electric Trucking” makes the case that the increasing move to electric is more than just a “nod to corporate sustainability”.  Diesel trucks continue to have increasing repair, maintenance, and downtime which directly affect productivity, while electric trucks deliver fuel cost savings and “…are expected to be far easier to repair and maintain”.

The article goes on to provide conditional and cautionary conclusions:

  • “While it’s still the earliest days for electric trucks, many in the industry see a solid business case for the technology.”
  • “To be sure, there are still problems to be solved before electric trucks can fully replace diesels.” 

Both of the above statements are true for some applications, but not applicable to Orange EV.  Orange EV pure electric terminal trucks have a proven lower total cost of ownership but are not in their “earliest days” – they’ve been replacing diesels across the United States since 2015.  As for other “problems to be solved”, as listed in the article:

The batteries need to carry more energy at less weight to extend range.

  • Orange EV electric terminal trucks are long since proven to go well through the shift on a single charge and in most applications, operate up to 24+ hours on a single charge.
  • Orange EV trucks typically operate within the confines of a facility or “yard” and are always within reach of charging. This eliminates the range anxiety suffered by other vehicles types and allows for opportunity charging, topping up at breaks, shift changes and other downtime.

And with only a handful of electric trucks in service, fleets need more information about how electric trucks perform in real-world applications. Not many will purchase based on sales hype and paper estimates.

  • Orange EV’s fleet customers confirm that well more than “a handful” of electric trucks have been deployed.
  • Commercially deployed since 2015 with paying customers, Orange EV electric trucks are working coast to coast in mission-critical container handling roles, meeting the most rigorous duty cycles and 24×7 shift schedules in all seasons and temperature ranges, and across all site types and operations for which the 4×2 was designed including rail intermodal, seaport, LTL freight, manufacturing, warehouse and distribution, waste management, third party logistics (3PL) and spotting services. 
  • All Orange EV trucks are equipped with onboard telematics.  Data and testimonials prove that Orange EV trucks are safermore reliable, and preferred by drivers and management alike.

…’no two fleets are alike, and the exact same vehicle may have a range of possible return on investment profiles’ depending on routes, payload, weather and other factors.

  • Fleets now are reporting savings of up to $60,000+ per truck annually in fuel, maintenance, and emission control.
  • Many fleets also now recognize additional business and cash flow benefits from reducing/eliminating diesel including: process improvement, increased employee health and wellness, reduced work comp and liability, fewer compliance issues, increased sustainability, positive public relations, and more.

Fleets will take at least another two years of testing before they start to consider abandoning diesel trucks…

  • Perhaps for some, but not Orange EV.  Orange EV completed its demonstration phase by 2015 at which time fleets began gladly abandoning their temperamental and costly diesels.
  • Fleets have since ordered – and reordered – Orange EV’s pure electric terminal trucks with funds formerly budgeted for diesels.  The ROI, as reported by fleet customers, has been significant.
  • One customer stated “For the last 12 years or more, we’ve had two or three diesels down at any one time. We needed a solution, and until Orange EV, no one had answers.”  And another “The Orange EV truck looks the same, acts the same, and does the same job as our current hostler, but is much easier to operate and maintain, and has zero emissions.” 
  • Orange EV trucks do the job.  In fact, some sites are now fully electric in their yard truck fleets with no diesels in use.  And rather than increasing the total number of trucks needed to do the same work, they’re reducing.  Due to increased efficiencies, one fleet customer (midway through its migration from diesel to electric with Orange EV) budgeted a reduction from 18 former diesels to 13 Orange EV electric trucks, eliminating >25% of its truck unit count.

Most of the electric truck industry may be in its infancy, but Orange EV is not.  The technology is proven, both economically and operationally, as our customers attest: “…downtime is minimal, maintenance and fuel costs are reduced, and Orange EV is committed to both their customers and ongoing product development. Orange EV provides a solution to the increased costs associated with diesel equipment.”

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