With diesels, yes. But with electric trucks, expect longer asset life and lower operating costs.

The HDT Trucking article “Can Shorter Truck Lifecycles Save Fleets Money?” begins:

“Want to save money on maintenance? Get rid of your trucks before they start costing you big bucks. A recently published white paper from Fleet Advantage suggests the longer you keep a truck, the more it costs in maintenance and repairs.”

The article references a white paper that “uses data culled from 5 billion miles of real-world fleet operations”, almost certainly conventionally fueled fleets.

Orange EV’s 100% electric Class 8 trucks have been commercially deployed since 2015 and are currently operating across the container-handling market.  Proven to more reliably meet the most rigorous duty cycles and 24×7 shift schedules while eliminating emissions, Orange EV’s electric terminal trucks significantly reduce lifetime operating costs through reduced maintenance and elimination of diesel fuel, emission controls, and other diesel-related expenses.

Orange EV’s emission-free electric trucks don’t need emission controls and are simpler and more energy efficient than their diesel counterparts.  With far fewer parts than a comparable diesel, the Orange EV powertrain has less wear and tear, reducing maintenance, repair, and downtime.  The largely maintenance-free powertrain, along with other improvements, ultimately extends the life of Orange EV trucks.

Said another way, fleets can save even more money by eliminating diesel terminal trucks and replacing them with Orange EV’s T-Series Pure Electric Terminal Trucks.

Read more from HDT Trucking regarding the Fleet Advantage whitepaper “Mitigating Rising Maintenance & Repair Costs for Class-8 Truck Fleets: Effective data & strategies to leverage newer trucks to reduce M&R costs”.