On this day, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we at Orange EV are proud to help industrial operations across the U.S. and Canada create safer, healthier environments for their personnel and surrounding communities.

Pure electric = No emissions. Better for the earth, people, and the bottom line.

With the dramatic reduction in car traffic and commercial flights, carbon emissions and air pollution have dropped dramatically in cities around the world. But as this NPR article notes: “This isn’t the way we want to reduce our fossil fuel emissions,” says Rob Jackson, environmental scientist at Stanford University. “We don’t want tens of millions of people being out of work as a path to decarbonizing our economy. We need systemic change in our energy infrastructure and new green technologies.” Still, Jackson says the recent changes are providing useful insights. “It’s as if a third of the cars on the road were suddenly electric, running on clean electricity and the air pollution is plummeting,” says Jackson. “It’s really a remarkable experiment and it shows the benefits of clean energy.”

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